The One!

The one: Hi , can I talk to you for a second? . Wow your beautiful, with a great personality, can I take you out sometime? Out of all the guys here you actually came correct, here's my number! I'm a Christian, how bout you?.. I go to church from time to time but I do love God, he knows my heart! ... There are so many lines and conversations that we all have heard over time. Moments that we shared with the opposite sex that had us feeling like we were in something deep that would never Die. Those butterflies, cold sweats and uncontrollable thoughts that popped up like previews that we created on our down time off a feeling that felt so real. Time starts to pass everything is so sweet. Dinner dates, dine in movies,mall run, oooo shoot I'm meeting his friends and family I must be different. We start kissing more, touching more, thinking about doing more. Less Spirit, more flesh less church more chilling. We say I love you after a couple of months those words stuck like glue, to an open ear that just knew, that he was sent from God with truth. He starts saying more, starts sharing more, started letting me know that he's wanting more. Less God more compromising...."Your the one baby, I never felt this way before, I want you to be the mother of my kids I'm trying to experience you more."🏽 she couldn't help herself she fell for him hard. No God all flesh, no conviction , all lust. Baby I love you.. "Luv u2", baby I miss you "MU2". Baby you coming over, Nah I'm Busy!.... Things start getting complicated and he started getting aggravated. Babe you still love me, Babe are you there? ... Yeah I'm here but I just don't feel the same..So many times we compromise our bodies thinking our one is the one. We confuse lust with Love and give ourselves away to men and women that don't deserve to experience our temple. The devil comes in many forms. Have us thinking all wrong. This was me at a point in my life but I encourage you to pray the right He/she will come. God has preserved you for someone special. Believe that your worth the wait✝ Proverbs 25:28

A man without self-control is like a city broken into and left without walls #God #worththewait

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